Control Room South
Control Room South
Control Room South


This room was designed to inspire, and to offer reliable natural acoustics while having everything within reach. The room is 34m2, but offers plenty of seating space for people to sit back and enjoy listening to their works in progress.

With a large arched North facing window and soft lighting, this room is cozy and comfortable to work in, giving one the opportunity to both focus and relax. The acoustics are warm, open and accurate throughout the room.

Our mixing desk is the superb 32 channel configuration of the 5088 from Rupert Neve. Check out our gear list for more details.

Main monitors are DynAudio BM15’s and near fields are Genelec 8040’s.

Control Room North
Photography by Jonatan Gretarsson

Live Room

Live Room


Spacious, with a high ceiling and large arched windows with spectacular views of the ocean and mountains to the north, and a garden to the south. The windows allow for plenty of natural sunlight to fill this space, and a door into the garden lets in fresh air when desired. It measures 54 square meters, divided between two levels. An elevated platform by the window facing north is dominated by our beautiful Steinway Grand Piano, tuned to 432 Hz tuning in accordance with the Solfeggio Harmonics. This room has the capasity to served full bands, small and large ensembles, solo vocalists, string orchestras, etc.

Natural but adjustable/adaptable acoustics make this room into the perfect Live Room or a large controlled ISO booth, and most everything in between. We use diffused and/or absorbent side wall acoustics, heavy curtain room dividers as well as movable acoustic baffles to manipulate the sound around individual instruments.

Live Room - North view
photography by Jonatan Gretarsson

Live Room


This Isolation booth features well balanced acoustical design that contains an appropriate combination of absorption, reflection,and diffusion.

Achieved with the use of innovative variable impedance “BAD” panels from RPG and fabric wrapping the resorptive binary templates consisting of reflective areas and holes over a semi rigid rock-wool panel that provides mid and high frequency diffusion and low frequency absorption, combined with heavily pressed rock-wool fabric covered panels on one side and adjustable height ceiling panel.

This booth has a large garden view glass door and a window looking into the control room and through to the live room upper platform. There is a line of sight from this booth to the 2nd, smaller ISO booth through glass openings in the doors between them, allowing performers to interact even while in separate isolated spaces.

Iso Booth 1
photography by Jonatan Gretarsson


This space serves primarily the purpose of a beautiful tiled bathroom with heated floors, with adjustments made to allow for the possibility to use it as a vocal or amp booth as well. There is a line of sight from here to both the ISO BOOTH 1 and the CONTROL ROOM.

Writing Room Kitchenette and work desk

Writing Room Paintings


This room was built to offer a comfortable and cozy space for those who seek a bit of peace and quiet to finish writing lyrics, musical arrangements, sheet music, or those simply looking to unwind, recharge and refocus before heading back into the recording space.

There is small kitchenette with a fridge where drinks and food can be stored, and coffee and tea made, allowing one to help themselves to refreshments without having to visit the main kitchen.

There is a large corner-sofa to lounge in as well as a desk and an electric piano. Yoga mats are also available.

Writers Room Couch
photography by Jonatan Gretarsson

Kitchen Area 1

Kitchen Area 2

Kitchen Area 3


There is a spacious kitchen/dining room area upon entering the studio.

We offer nutritious, delicious meals to our guests which are cooked in-house. There is a large custom made table that allows for 12 people to dine comfortably together, more can squeeze in if needed. Those who do not fit around this table still have an opportunity to grab a bite at a small round table in the kitchen. The kitchen and dining room are not divided, it is but one space.

Large arched windows offer a view of the garden. Through the one facing East, one can catch stunning sunrises in the winter time over a spot of coffee and a croissant.

There is also a small sofa and a reading bench. Many can easily spread around this space without being in each other’s way.

Common areas at Masterkey
photography by Jonatan Gretarsson

The Cat Nap Room

Bathroom with shower and sauna

Bathroom with shower and sauna


The heart of the house is perfect for a quiet moment to meditate or center ones self.

A small room is available for people who may like a cat nap during a recording session, or just need to have a little solitude for a while. It is adjacent to the Writers room on the lower floor of the house.

The main bathroom features both a shower and sauna room as well as the regular necessities wrapped in a calm enviroment.

Meditation Room
photography by Jonatan Gretarsson

Upper Floor Layout


Is located on top of a hill and away from the main road, with a private garden at the back. Its location yields stunning views of the ocean and mountains to the North. It is the last house in its street, with a row of houses below and a bird sanctuary area above.

There is a path-walk through this area leading to an outdoor swimming pool and gym open all year around. It is about a ten minute walk. It is about the same distance to a supermarket, local cafe, and a bakery.

Driving here takes less than ten minutes from the center of Reyjavík, transport back and forth is also possible by bus. There is a bus station at the bottom of the street and buses leave every half hour.

Additionally, there is a cycle/walk path alongside the ocean leading to the town center in one direction and a black sand beach and lighthouse in the other.